Not yet, Lucinda

This was to be my year off. My adult gap year. My year of pottering. Of gardening. Of exploring the far north coast of Queensland. Of pootling around the UK. Of reading. Learning German.

With two weeks left of Term 1, and with all that has happened around the globe, it is hard to fathom that I had planned to be in England right now.

Will we be allowed to leave Australia this time next year? Our borders are tight – except for the really wealthy or powerful.

In the meantime, I feel this is my fourth year of working before the year off. Last year was such a whirlwind, it doesn’t count.

This year’s preparation, in lieu of booking flights and accommodation, I will prepare by:


Who doesn’t like some decluttering?

My goal is to “wear out” some office shoes and dresses and a couple of handbags.

Here’s a bag of clothes I am letting friends look through before taking to the op shop.

My target (like the segue from the photo?) is to have a much paired down wardrobe.


5 thoughts on “Not yet, Lucinda

  1. Our TV is already showing adverts that are advertising Australian holidays! I have worn out very little of my old office attire – being mainly skirts that are not really right for gardening in. I could reduce the clothes in my wardrobe a lot more than I have but it does seem a bit of a waste as a lot of things are barely worn. I have got rid of shoes though and managed to sell a pair for £45.00 on ebay.

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    • Advertising for trips to Australia sounds like a waste of Tourism Australia’s money. Our govt isn’t letting anyone in and you couldn’t get flights anyway. I know they’re planting seeds of desire.

      That was good money back for the shoes! I thought about putting some of my dresses up as a job lot – those that are from the same designer.

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  2. I have spent a lot of time indoors this winter so I have done severe decluttering, but not clothes. Because I’ve worked from home for most of the past year, my work clothes aren’t getting much wear. So I will hold off making decisions on them. I’m currently in the office 2 days a week, but very few of us are in – I only see maybe 3 or 4 people during the work day!


  3. Fiona says:

    Hola Lucinda!

    Hasn’t it been a year of turmoil and change?

    I had so looked forward to living vicariously through your Adult Gap Year. Well, I still will look forward to it and it will eventually happen. Looking like no borders open till 2022 at least, given the slow vaccine rollout.

    I have so much to update in my life as well. We have lived through 4 separate houses in the past year, trying to adapt with everything that happened under Victoria’s lockdown.

    I’ve found my WordPress password again so all is well, I can return to blogging soon!


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