My gap year in Fortress Australia

Our government says they will not open the borders until mid 2022, if that.

With our year off starting in January, what should we do?

That’s a rhetorical question as I’ve already decided.

A few weeks ago I convinced Mr S to go with me to the Camping Caravaning Show.

I’d almost made my mind up before hand. But Mr S knew he had no hope of convincing me otherwise when he saw my eyes light up.

What made them sparkle so?

The modern combi.

A VW Transporter, with internal setup done in Australia.

Mr S wouldn’t let me sign them and there. But, wise one that he is, he asked how long for orders to be delivered m. Clever man! Of course we no longer make cars in Australia. (No political rant here but geez, we’ve sent so much off shore.)

So if we order NOW, delivery is anticipated to be February 2022.

Better get a move on then!

I had looked up second hand campers. As no one can leave Australia, campers and RVs are holding value. Everyone wants to hit the road. Second hand wasn’t much cheaper than brand new.

So within a week I had ordered my new campervan.

Time to start planning the road trip.


3 thoughts on “My gap year in Fortress Australia

  1. You should have a lot of fun with this.
    Might need to find a space to pack a bike. I’ve heard complaints from people who set up camp in a campervan-type thingy, only to find that if they need milk etc, they have to pull down everything to take the car into town…


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