To the top!

I’ve always wanted to go to the very top of the east coast of Australia- Cape York.

It’s a different world. Communities are cut off in the wet as roads become impassable.

And I’ve always wanted to go to Thursday Island. It sounds like an island from an adventure book.

So now I’ve booked another tour on our Adult Gap Year.

Starting at Cairns, we’ll travel in a 4-wheeled drive bus up the Cape and over to the Gulf. Then ferry to Thursday and Hope Islands. Finally, fly back to Cairns.

Unbelievably, well I found it unbelievable, many of 2022 trips are already booked out. One tour operator has 2023 trips open! Who knows that far in advance what they’ll be doing!

The season is short – impassable roads and horribly hot and humid weather and storms make The Wet a no go. Still, I’m glad I didn’t leave it much longer to book.

Fingers crossed on the campervan coming! I’m planning on driving to Cairns via the inland route snd rhen home down the coast before summer holidays for schools kick in.


3 thoughts on “To the top!

    • I will share the travels! Always love reading about, and joining in with, the travels of others. I am slightly embarrassed to admit I’d never heard of Hope Is and know little about Torres Strait Island culture and history. Quite bad given we acknowledge ATSI (aboriginal and Torres Strait Island) in so many policies. (Not that we use aboriginal, Aborigine or even indigenous anymore. The turner accepted phrase is First Nations.) But I will read before I go north and learn.

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  1. Must confess I have zero knowledge of any of these places and had to consult a map – my geography of Australia consists of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth and Uluru. Today I learned Cairns and Brisbane, so I am ahead! Your trip sounds wonderful.


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