Another spanner in the works

We just got an email saying delivery of the campervan will be delayed.

Lack of silicon chips. Shortage of container ships. Australia at the bottom of the market list. Whatever the cause, the impact is the same.

Our campervan won’t be ready until May (if you believe the van will even arrive in Australia in May).

We have to decide: do we cancel our order and get our deposit back? Or do we hang on and hope it won’t be delayed past July?

If we cancel, we can hire campervans at a much cheaper rate. But we won’t have future years of long weekends and road trips. And we will save quite a bit of money in the short term.

If we wait, we can still hire a campervan for April to drive around Victoria. And then get delivery after our Fiji trip, to drive up to the top of Queensland.

It’s not just 2022. I am thinking of beyond next year.

Dilemmas. Dilemmas.


2 thoughts on “Another spanner in the works

  1. Mary says:

    Sadly, not surprised to hear of this development. Car sale lots in the US are very empty these days. Not hearing much good news around the manufacture and/or delivery of the chips. Some people around here are selling their two, three and even four year old cars for more than they originally paid for them–that is how tight the car market is these days. Not easy decisions for you.


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