Have I told you lately I have next year off?

I can face a lot of the shit at work because I’m having next year off. And with only one term of this school year left, the year off is getting closer.

While we are back in lockdown and can’t currently travel across our city, let alone to other states, with vaccination rates increasing, it looks likely that we will be able to travel out of our state next year.

Our Prime Minister is promising we’ll be allowed out of our island prison. Soon.

Up till now, we haven’t planned anything. There didn’t seem any point. Stay at home orders and closed borders made it pointless.

But now we are being tempted with promises of things opening up, it may be time to start planning.

The plan involves going no where in January. Why would we face the traffic of school holidays? We’ll be free of kids and families and higher prices.

We have a trip to Fiji in July around which we will fit our local travel plans. Fiji? Yes, I know. I will let you know about the trip in a future post.

Mr S wants to ski at his favourite ski resort in August. I will probably spend that time at my parents.

In March and April, we will go down the south coast, to Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, Mt Gambier and home along the Murray.

In September and October, the plan is drive north to the top of Queensland and back down on the inland road.

Fingers crossed, our campervan will be ready.


6 thoughts on “Have I told you lately I have next year off?

  1. Mmmmm, think you might just have mentioned it!!
    Sounds like great plans. My daughter went to Fiji on her world trip and was given a meal by a local family who were so kind and friendly. She has wonderful memories and photos from there.
    I always think it is good to explore your own country I find there are things waiting to be discovered everywhere even just down the road.


    • Fijians are said to be the friendliest people. So I am looking forward to it, even though we will be mainly in a resort and on a boat.

      Yes, to the local stuff to discover. Difficulty in Australia is the distances. Also, while the natural beauty is awesome, it doesn’t have the wonderful history and art and culture that Europe has. Still, we will get back in the northern hemisphere soon enough.

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